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i want to get high and drunk so i dont have to deal with this shit.
cause i hate it.

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cause you had a bad day

who wants to drink til we cant feel feelings anymore?
roxi does.
but it probably wont happen because im a loser and dont have much of a social life.
maybe i'll go to my sister's soon.. i can do it over there.
i just want some alcohol.

yeah. so today was stupid. im glad to be home.
but on the good side, im officially a senior. so that is a good feeling.
im done now.

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i left my body in my other clothes..

i like my hair today. its getting long. i like it long.
i realized that i dont have a future, really.
and that now more than ever, i would never make it as a writer.
yeah sometimes i can write good stuff so i wanted to maybe write opinions somewhere.. i dont really know because i have no idea who or what i want to be. but reading stuff out of books, uuuhhh my writing is SHIT compared to that. like kindergarten shit. like holy shit shit. seriously its nothing like that in books. which sucks. because im jealous.
im confused about myself right now so how would i fucking know my future?
i have the brain mentality of a 7 year old with really good manners and cares a lot. and has great thinking skills when it comes to weird and deep thoughts. mature thoughts. but shes still pretty dumb and cant really stay focused on wanting one thing.
im really weird, sorry.
but yeah.
im gonna buy a book tomorrow. because i need to do something else productive.
and ive always wanted to read the perks of being a wallflower because it looks like something i would LOVE.. seriously.
so yup.
its also summer coming up. im gonna get slim because i almost threw up the other day seeing the sick mirror horrors when i put on my bikini from last year. yeah.. all that junk food adds up after all. will i change? fuck no. i say that i will and desire to, but never gonna happen. and soon, i'll get over it. yeah pretty much im gonna be a 400 pound bitch on maury or something and die at the age of 40 from heart complications or whatever people die from by eating horribly.
going real cheap for mother's day. she doesnt want much and we have been getting along real well lately so i'll just make her something nice with photos on it. she likes that sappy shit. =].
other than that, ive been real content lately. tired, but not sad or happy.
sucks having a bf that you cant see. havent seen him since april 1st.. wow. talk on the phone everyday, but its not the same. hes getting a car soon. in your fucking face, dad. IN. YOUR. FACE. couch faggot.
a toaster strudel or two sounds about lovely right now.

peace and im out.
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ummm yah i havent updated in FOREVER. i have a boyfriend now. larry. but my dad is a fuckhead so i havent seen him since the last time i posted.. april 1st. i dont know what else is new with me though. i got a digital camera the day before easter.. ive been hanging out with my sister a lot which is awesome because i fucking love her. and ive been hanging with amanda lately which is just awesome. and i went to the fall out boy concert and all the other bands there. but i dont wanna rant about that. did enough of that last week. lmao but yeah that was the best day of my life for sure. im trying to get a job too. worked at tj maxx with my sister for the whole work day.. it was like i had a real job. it was for take your child to work day but i didnt even see her half the time becuase they made me like an employee so i did whatever tehy asked and i got all the shitty jobs that they never do.. it was HARD labor lol im not even kidding. i was sore from working. so yeah im applying at some stores in the mall. fun stuff. but i feel real lazy this weekend. and fat. ive just been eating and watching movies because amanda is busy and my dad wont let me take the car much so i cant really go anywhere. and larry hasnt called me and i miss that guy. =[.. i dont know. im not happy today lol. but im not sad. im just content. i guess.. i just feel like going crazy for no reason. so im gonna go sit on my ass some more.. no is talking online. asdgo;jdlasgj later bitches.
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theres a snake in my boot! hahahaa lmao

sorry im wearing my cute boots today with my skirt and i looked at my boots in the mirror and i just randomly yell THERES A SNAKE IN MAH BOOT!! it was pretty funny. shoulda been there.

but anyways. good morning everyone. im having a grand crazy morning because im home alone. you have no idea


im seeing larry today.. and im so nervous. ahh <scary scream can ya tell
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throw your hands up in the air




Happy boys and happy girls, will be
We are the happy boys and girls
Happy boys and happy girls, will be
So happy, yeah! so, so happy, yeah!

Happy boys and happy girls, will be
We are the happy boys and girls
Happy boys and happy girls, will be
Oh yeah, so happy...

this is my new favorite song. ive been listening to it way too much today. it puts me in a great mood. everyone dl it.. it such a fuckin good song. wow im like way out of it right now. its fun excetp i cant do anythng fast. im soooo slow at typin right now
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ms clink clink clinkity clank

today was fun i guess. not too bad. had a fight with mama in the morning kind of. just arguing a bit about nothing. oh well. im over it. we are just not morning people. day went by good. 3rd hour was funny with the presentations. and in 4th hour, katie was messed up so that was grand. haha. and then lunch, i was a witness to that fight. i was sittin right there when it happened so it was awesome. adn then james was throwin down rhymes about the mean bitch lady named ms.clink? or something. we think thats her name. but she was being stupid so he was like "ms clink clink clinkity clank. sounds like coins in the bank." or soemthing. and then he was like "smells so rank. stinkity stank!" it was soooo funny i dont even know. lmao hes the shizz. it was just pretty dang funny. thats about it. now i gotta do chores and what not. yippee. hopefully the rest of the week will go by pretty fast and then the weekend wont suck. then its SPRING BREAK. i dont even have that much fun because i dont go anywhere but still. no school. so please.. if anyone wants to hang out. get at me because im gonna be bored and i dont want to waste it alone anymore. lol. its stupid. 853-1201 if you need it. i'll update later though. i dont think i have any other snews. whaaatever. have a good day


i was just going through really old entries trying to find some funny stuff to pass the time and i found some pretty hilarious shit that im going to be laughing my ass off when i get home.. and i kept going back trying to find some mood icons labled "crazy" or something with a fun mood so i could find a fun entry and its all "Depressed", depressed, depressed, melancholy, depressed, sad, tired..

ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PEOPLE'S PROBLEMS!? JESUS CHRIST YOU GUYS SHOULD HAVE LIKE BITCHED SLAPPED ME OR LIKE BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF ME. OMG. the ones from waaaay back are HORRIBLE. i feel the absolute worst knowing i was like that and wrote about EVERYTHING. seriously i want to puke. i was so lame. so im real sorry about all of that. ughghg omg. lol. you seriously should have like shot me. i'll probably update when i get home but i gotta go, suckas.

uh help

um, am i going to be ok?
what the fuck did i to my body. im sitting here shaking and crying with so much pain. it was gone this morning, just a real bad cold, but it came back worse. seriously the only time i try to take care of my body, it has an oppositite effect. i really hope it ends by tomorrow because if it gets any worse, im having my mom take me somewhere.

my day started off horrible since my bad cold, then me and mom went out to breakfast with my g-ma d and something happened there that was HILARIOUS but im not writing about that now. then from that moment on, i was sooo hyper adn laughing at everything. i was so energetic even with my cold. but then it punched me in the face when bam, got sick like friday only worse. i dont know whats going on. fucking oh well. i was gone thursday and friday, and this weekend went by kind of fast and it so wasnt worth being a weekend. i hope i dont miss monday. that wouldnt be good. but im gonna go lay down and try to get some sleep. peace out
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does anyone have any ideas of what to put on a shirt? im gonna be makin some more. so far ive thought of putting :
me gusta usted. which means "i like you." and id add a =] ..lol.
and one that says: business is slow daddy. lmao! if you seen the charlie brown video its HILARIOUS. i'll post urls to that and the touretts cat video. they are hilarious. but on the charlie brown kwanza remake, charlie brown is like "BITCH, WHERES MY MOTHA FUCKIN MONEY!?" and lucy smiles and goes "business is slow, daddy!" lmao. its great. but i dont know what else to write on the shirts.
any suggestions?